Introducing the new Mala Range

Added: 03/05/2017

Italian styling at it's very best.

Using the highest quality paints and laquers, Mala offers a robust ultra high quality glosss finish in a a series of contemorary tones.

The latest colours and finishes create a crisp appearance.

Why not add a new solid surface Minerva/Metis worktop.

Minerva/Metis are new Acrylic solid surface work top with imperceptible seams giving you options of 25mm or 15mm  to create a truly minimalistic kitchen.

Larder600mm Larder shown with glass sides and front accents.

Shown here with titanium cabinet hinges.

Larders available in 300mm, 500mm and 600mm widths.

The Mala Collection is available in seven stunning finishes.

Why not mix colours and shelving for a bespoke look.

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