The Pronteau 4 in 1 Hot Tap: The hottest addition to your kitchen?

Added: 11/04/2017

If you’re anything like us at Design House, you’ll love a cuppa; and if you love a cuppa, you’ll love the new Pronteau 4 in 1 Kitchen Hot Tap…

What is it?

The Pronteau Hot Tap is a device that dispenses boiling water, on demand, in an instant. As a result, you need no longer wait for the kettle to boil. The innovative device can also be used to make soup, pasta, prepare vegetables, sterilise baby bottles and much more. It doesn’t stop there, the patented 4 in 1 mixertap provides not only boiling water but filtered, cold and hot water too.


How does it work?

The tap works by using a thermally insulated PROBOIL3 3 litre stainless steel tank that’s hidden out of sight beneath your sink. This provides users with a long-term supply of pH-balanced water straight to the tap above. Reducing the taste of hardness and chlorine etc. The tap also includes special features like a 360-degree spout that’s cool to touch and bubble infused water to reduce splashing and comes in a wide range of different designs that co-ordinate perfectly with all kitchen décor.


Is it safe?

Having boiling water available at your fingertips is a godsend for people seeking convenience but can be a very dangerous prospect when around children. Not to worry though, the Pronteau Hot Tap uses a contemporary HotKey as a simple yet effective way of safely delivering piping hot water to your tap.

Visit us to check out the working model on display at Design House or play the video below to see it in action!

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